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Enterprise brief introduction

Enterprise brief introduction

Beijing Ereli Machinery Co., Ltd.
Is a scientific research, manufacturing, production and sales in one of the manufacturers. Is located in Beijing "summer" - Yanqing District, location and convenient transportation. The main metallurgical industry, sintering, pellets professional equipment and Tsinghua Nuclear Research Institute of the container inspection system, heat treatment processing services, enterprises have the right to import and export goods, technology import and export rights and import and export rights. Enterprises in December 26, 2007 through the Beijing high-tech enterprises that, and by the Beijing Municipal Science Committee as a patent pilot enterprises in Beijing. The company has offices in Beijing Ereli Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Baorui Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing New Peng Technology Co., Ltd., Germany CL International Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing Xu Sheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Ereli Mastery Logistics Co., Ltd., Beijing Ereli Real Estate Co., Ltd., Beijing Baorui Xusheng Property Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Ereli Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.
In 99 years the company has achieved ISO9000 international quality assurance system certification, and "people-oriented, quality-plant, customer first, scientific and technological innovation" approach to quality of survival, innovation and development. The strict requirements of this system, to comply with the company for all products to provide a favorable product quality assurance. In particular, since 98 years with a number of scientific research units, the integration of advanced production technology, rich industry experience and scientific management methods, the development of the latest type of "sieve invasive high efficiency low energy consumption wet dust collector" ldquo; A new generation of "multi-roll fabricator", "environmental protection and energy saving lime digestion", "shuttle cloth" and "dough sieving fabric system", "efficient combination of centralized drive Multi-roll sieve "sintering machine sealing system" steam preheating system "," rinse water system "and a series of national patent products. This modern new technology, and its related products, this series of products for the country's steel company sintering plant, pellet plant equipment to provide equipment to facilitate the protection of convenience, with the product itself, the performance of the increasingly perfect, our products have been applied Steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, steel, iron and steel, steel, steel, steel, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Netherlands, Brazil, Britain, Morocco, Peru, Australia, Mongolia and other countries. My company's products in nearly 200 domestic and foreign steel companies in the project and technological transformation projects, played its due role, to achieve the desired results.
We have since 2002 to expand the scope of business, investment in the set of modern heat treatment equipment "control atmosphere multi-purpose furnace", China Heat Treatment Association senior engineer in person guidance, heatLevel of education with the world's developed countries comparable to the level! In the carburizing treatment, carbonitriding treatment, high alloy structural steel treatment, low alloy material processing and other new products and new equipment investment for my company's survival and development has laid a solidBasis, for a broader market, enterprises pay close attention to internal management at the same time, pay more attention to cooperation with the major scientific research units, and strive to develop more in line with the development needs of the industry's mechanical products, and continuously improve the inherent quality of products And scientific and technological content, to meet the needs of the market.
Lin, chairman of the company with the staff, warmly welcome the broad masses of old and new customers to my company To visit and guidance, we will be high-quality products, cost-effective, timely after-sales service to meet the requirements of our customers, I wish our sincere cooperation a complete success!