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Expand performance results

Expand performance results

Expand performance results

Controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace
New in China:
Eight Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd
Baosteel Dresdner Stainless Steel Co., Ltd
Anhui Changjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Fujian Qingtuo Nickel Industry Co., Ltd
Fujian Sambo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Liaoyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd
Linzhou Heavy Machinery Lin Steel Iron & Steel Co
Ningxia Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd
Qingdao Special Steel Co., Ltd
Siping Modern Steel Co., Ltd
Tangshan Donghai Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd
Tangshan Xinxinglong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Wuhan Iron and Steel Iron and Steel limited liability company
Wuyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Anshan Baode Steel Co., Ltd
Beihai Chengde Nickel Industry Co., Ltd
Chenzhou Sutao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Gao Lan Lan Xin Steel Co., Ltd
Hunan Valin Lianyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Dafeng Lianxin Steel Co., Ltd
Shanxi Gaoyi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Shanxi Meijin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Yangzhou City Qin Post Special Metal Materials Co., Ltd
Zibo Qilin Fu Shan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd
Anyang Group Xinyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
Mountain Steel Group Laiwu Iron and Steel Xinjiang Co
Tongling Fu Xin Steel Co., Ltd
Xinjiang Xin Hao of Mining Co., Ltd
Partner Added:
Tongfang Environmental Co., Ltd.
Beijing Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute
Tsinghua University Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology
Beijing Shenwu Environmental Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd
Qinhuangdao Qinye Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
Beijing Bo Xing source of energy - saving Technology Co., Ltd
Zhangjiakou Metallurgical Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd
Zouping Lianhua Investment Co., Ltd
Northern Heavy Industry Group Limited
Beijing first time Industrial Design Co., Ltd
Hubei Jin Shenglan Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd
Export performance added:
India AB Steel Company
Vietnam and the steel company
Vietnam Rong orange steel company
Indonesia Dahe Iron and Steel Company
Russia MMK Steel Company
Iran BUTIA company